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From: Canadian Review of American Studies

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‘‘Courage to Do What Is Right’’ on Cold War Broadway: Leonard Spigelgass’ A Majority of One

Urban Captivity Narratives: Captivity and Confession in Women’s Writing

Memoir of a Republican Royalist: Gouverneur Morris, Chronicler and Actor of the French Revolution

Introduction to Special Issue of CRAS: Culture and the Economization of Everything

Introduction au numéro spécial de la CRAS : La culture et le tout-économique

The Economization of Freedom: Abolitionists versus Merchants in the Culture War that Destroyed Pennsylvania Hall

‘‘Onward, Onward’’: Sister Carrie and the Railroad

‘‘Just One Thing More’’: Absalom, Absalom! and the Creditor-Debtor Relationship

Going off the Gold Standard in Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer

From the Ringstraße to Madison Avenue: Commercial Market Research and the Viennese Origins of the Mass-Culture Debate, 1941–61

Laughing Sam and Krazy Kats: The Black Comic Sensibility

Between North and South: Cuba and the Ends of US Sovereignty

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie and the Ambiguous Afterlife of the History of the Acadians

Mark Twain at Home and Abroad

Sovereignty Serving Selves