restricted access   Volume 59, Number 2, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Science and Medicine

Outcome Orientation: A Misconception of Probability That Harms Medical Research and Practice

pp. 147-155

Twenty-First Century “Eugenics”?: The Enduring Legacy

pp. 156-171

“Tailored-to-You”: Public Engagement and the Political Legitimation of Precision Medicine

pp. 172-188

Ethics and Philosophy

The AMA on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

pp. 189-197

Refusing Technology, Accepting Death: My Father’s Story

pp. 198-205

The Ethics of Public Health Laws, and the Special Case of the New “Model Law”

pp. 206-212

The Cosmetic Medicine Revolution, the Goals of Medicine, and Bioethics

pp. 213-227

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Henrietta Lacks

pp. 228-233

Medical Education and Practice

Transgender Patients, Hospitalists, and Ethical Care

pp. 234-245

From Trees to Rhizomes

pp. 246-252

Thinking Through the Pain

pp. 253-262

Culture and Society

Reconsidering Samuel: A Mental Health Caretaker at a Ghanaian Prayer Camp

pp. 263-275

Review Essays

Beyond Mind and Body

pp. 276-282

Bioethics’ Contradiction: Everyday Ethics and the Morality System

pp. 283-292