restricted access   Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

“This is that which … they call Wampum”: Europeans Coming to Terms with Native Shell Beads

pp. 1-36

Creating an Unfree Hinterland: Merchant Capital, Bound Labor, and Market Production in Eighteenth-century Massachusetts

pp. 37-63

“The Provincials will work like Giants”: British Imperialism, American Colonial Troops, and Trans-Atlantic Labor Economics during the Seven Years’ War

pp. 64-98

“Of One Hart and One Mind”: Local Institutions and Allegiance during the American Revolution

pp. 99-132

“I have had vexation enough to spoil the temper of a saint”: Natalie Delage Sumter’s Catholic Cosmopolitanism in the Early Republic

pp. 133-163

Phrenology and the Science of Race in Antebellum America

pp. 164-193

“Depart from That Retired Circle”: Women’s Support of the Greek War for Independence and Antebellum Reform

pp. 194-223

Consider the Source

A Short Letter by Humboldt to Jefferson

pp. 224-228

Friends of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, 2016

pp. 229-232