restricted access   Volume 26, Number 4, December 2016

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Editor’s Note

pp. vii-viii

Feature Articles

The Total Artificial Heart and the Dilemma of Deactivation

pp. 347-367

Sedation Until Death: Are the Requirements Laid Down in the Guidelines Too Restrictive?

pp. 369-397

Sustaining a Pregnant Cadaver for the Purpose of Gestating a Fetus: A Limited Defense

pp. 399-430

The Missions of National Commissions: Mapping the Forms and Functions of Bioethics Advisory Bodies

pp. 431-456

Putting Patient Autonomy in its Proper Place; Professional Norm-Guided Medical Decision-Making

pp. 457-482

Web Only Content

On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss (review)

pp. e-1-e-3

Inside Ethics: On the Demands of Moral Thought by Alice Crary (review)

pp. e-4-e-9

Vaccine: The Debate in Modern America by Mark A. Largent, and: Values and Vaccine Refusal: Hard Questions in Ethics, Epistemology, and Health Care by Mark Navin (review)

pp. e-10-e-25