restricted access   Volume 20, Number 1, January 2017

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From: Theory & Event

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pp. 1-2

20 Years of Theory & Event

Sovereign Aspirations: National Security and Police Power in a Global Era

pp. 3-18

Every Corner of the Globe

pp. 19-23

Worlds Neither New Nor Brave: Racial Terror in America

pp. 24-43

Happy Days (of the White Settler Imaginary) Are Here Again

pp. 44-54

Would My Birth Certificate Matter at Paris’s Drag Ball?

pp. 55-60

The Banalization of Racial Events

pp. 61-65

The Onus of Thought in the War on Terror

pp. 66-75

Sovereignty, Violence and Resistance in North East India: Mapping Political Theory Today

pp. 76-86

Kairos and Affect in Rancière’s “Ten Theses on Politics”

pp. 87-91

Populism and The People

pp. 92-99

Melancholia and Mania on the Trump Campaign Trail

pp. 100-128

Five Theses for Political Theory in the Anthropocene

pp. 129-136

Human Rights and the Collateral Damage of Neoliberalism

pp. 137-151


François Zourabichvili’s “Deleuze and the Possible: on Involuntarism in Politics”

pp. 152-171

Symposium—On Neil Roberts' Freedom as Marronage

Jane Anna Gordon, Editor


pp. 172-176

Black Liberation from White ‘Liberty’: Some Comments on Neil Roberts’s Freedom as Marronage

pp. 177-181

The Limitations and Possibilities of Freedom as Flight: Engaging Neil Roberts’s Freedom as Marronage

pp. 182-187

Theorizing Slave Agency: Neil Roberts’s Freedom as Marronage

pp. 188-192

From Slavery to What World?: Flight and Exteriority in Neil Roberts’ Freedom as Marronage

pp. 193-200

Social Death/Life, Fanon’s Phenomenology, and Prison Riots: Three Questions for Neil Roberts’ Freedom as Marronage

pp. 201-206

Freedom, Marronage, and the Politics of Experience

pp. 207-211

Theorizing Freedom, Radicalizing the Black Radical Tradition: On Freedom as Marronage Between Past and Future

pp. 212-230

Review Essays

Politics After Occupy: On Dean’s Communist Horizon and Crowds and Party

pp. 231-236

Must God be a Conversation-stopper for the Political Philosopher?: Leo Strauss on Philosophy, Religion and Legality

pp. 238-259


Precarious Politics: On Butler’s Notes Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly

pp. 260-267

Made in America: The Probability of Violence and the Possibility of Tragedy—Johnston’s American Dionysia

pp. 268-273

Forging A Head and Forging Ahead—Miller’s Head Cases

pp. 274-279

Surveillance as Race Struggle: On Browne’s Dark Matters

pp. 280-285


pp. 286-291