restricted access   Volume 93, Number 1, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Ideas of North

Facing North: The Perennial Pull of a Mysterious Direction

pp. 26-34

Going Back: A Photographer, a Family, and the Borders in Between

pp. 36-55

Honest Dogs: Loyalty and Mushing Culture

pp. 88-111

Through Darkness to Light: Visions of the Underground Railroad

pp. 128-145

An Anchorless Space: Abstract Wonders on Alaska’s Ruth Glacier

pp. 170-189

Amateur Hour

The Circle Is Now Complete: Alex Bird, a Real-Life Jedi, Brings the Force to Life

pp. 12-17


Faith and Its Limits

p. 18

Waiting for It

p. 19

Starting Over

p. 20


p. 21

Notes to Self

Mapping the Story of New York

pp. 22-25



p. 7


pp. 10-11

As Flesh Made New Through Burning

p. 35

The Falling: Three Who Have Intentionally Plunged Over Niagara Falls With the Hope of Surviving

pp. 68-69

Husserlian Meditation, and: Solvitur Ambulando

pp. 126-127

The Punchline

p. 167

Aloneness Is Next to Godliness, and: Indian Summer

pp. 168-169


Beyond Empire’s Grip: Can we live in joyful resistance to an unjust state?

pp. 56-67


Sovereignty Under the Stars: On the island of Hawaii, a proposed telescope has ignited a fight between the champions of modern astronomy and Hawaiians seeking to protect a sacred site.

pp. 70-87


Here Be Dragons: Finding the Blank Spaces in a Well-Mapped World

pp. 112-125



pp. 146-154

Four Stories

pp. 155-158

Natural Disasters

pp. 159-166


Cruel North: On Violence and the Arctic

pp. 192-195

Shaken Out of Time: Black Bodies and Movement in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time

pp. 196-199

Fine Distinctions

North and Norths, True and Otherwise

p. 200

Featured Contributors

pp. 4-7