restricted access   Volume 5, Number 2, November 2016

Table of Contents

Frontier Tibet: Trade and Boundaries of Authority in Kham

Introduction to “Frontier Tibet: Trade and Boundaries of Authority in Kham”

pp. 209-238

“To Control Tibet, First Pacify Kham”: Trade Routes and “Official Routes” (Guandao) in Easternmost Kham

pp. 239-263

Construction Work and Wages at the Dergé Printing House in the Eighteenth Century

pp. 264-290

Guozhuang Trading Houses and Tibetan Middlemen in Dartsedo, the “Shanghai of Tibet”

pp. 291-349

Victorianizing Guangxu: Arresting Flows, Minting Coins, and Exerting Authority in Early Twentieth-Century Kham

pp. 350-377

Tricks of the Trade: Debt and Imposed Sovereignty in Southernmost Kham in the Nineteenth to Twentieth Centuries

pp. 378-407

Memory Politics at Work in a Gyalrong Revolt in the Early Twentieth Century

pp. 408-439

Afterword: Why Kham? Why Borderlands? Coordinating New Research Programs for Asia

pp. 440-452

Mapping Vietnameseness

Introduction to “Mapping Vietnameseness”

pp. 453-459

From a Reliant Land to a Kingdom in Asia: Premodern Geographic Knowledge and the Emergence of the Geo-Body in Late Imperial Vietnam

pp. 460-496

Contested Sovereignty: Local Politics and State Power in Territorial Conflicts on the Vietnam-China Border, 1650s–1880s

pp. 497-533

Vietnam at the Khmer Frontier: Boundary Politics, 1802–1847

pp. 534-564