restricted access   Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Editors’ Foreword

pp. vii-viii

Guest Editor’s Foreword: Early Cinema and the Archives

pp. ix-xv


The Ludic Archive: The Work of Playing with Optical Toys

pp. 1-16

The Beginnings of Cinema as a Museum Exhibit: The Cases of the Smithsonian Institution and the Science Museum in London

pp. 17-34

Insight and Axioms: Harold G. Brown and the Identification of Early Films

pp. 35-56

Who’s Trending in 1910s American Cinema?: Exploring ECHO and MHDL at Scale with Arclight

pp. 57-81

Data-Driven Research for Film History: Exploring the Jean Desmet Collection

pp. 82-105

“Digital Desmet”: Translating Early Applied Colors

pp. 106-124


Reclaiming “Lost” Films: The Paper Print Fragment Collection and the American Film Company

pp. 125-134

Ephemera as Medium: The Afterlife of Lost Films

pp. 134-139

Méliès’s Voyage Restoration: Or, The Risk of Being Stuck in the Digital Reconstruction

pp. 139-147

The Media Ecology Project: Library of Congress Paper Print Pilot

pp. 148-151