restricted access   Issue 121, 2016

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Why We Didn’t Kill Abacha

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Don’t get it twisted, son, aka real talk

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Working The City

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Participatory Realism: Photographing the precarity and resilience of childhood in South Africa

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Prepubescent, and: To the Autumn

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The Adventures of Good Girls: Drawing French etiquette over the Haitian Revolution

pp. 50-65

When A Black Girl Gives Birth, and: God Kiss My Palm and Tell Me I’m Dreaming

pp. 66-69

Making Afro-Urban Magic: Zetta Elliott discusses the barriers to black children’s authors and writing the realities of black kids

pp. 70-80

Counting the Cost at the Kenyan Coast: An excerpt from the forthcoming memoir Swimming Against the Tide

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Teacher, and: Communion, and: Elegy

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Yoruba Childhood: Recovering the pre-colonial record

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A Nigger and His Tree

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Why She’s Silent

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Building Identities in the Midst of Conflict: The fine line between survival and combating racism for young Afro-descendants in Colombia

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Mad Boy’s Love Song

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The Transfiguration

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Un|Fixed Homeland: Exploring the Guyanese experience of migration

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Citrine Ash #3, and: Monikers

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Small Deaths: ”Thobela (repeat)/Sishayi’ thobela (repeat)/“

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Notes on Contributors

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