restricted access   Volume 106, Number 4, Fall 2016

Table of Contents


On Gerson Cohen’s “Blessing of Assimilation” a Half Century Later: Editor’s Introduction

pp. 429-432

A View from Late Antiquity Onward

pp. 433-439

On Jewish Languages, Names, and Distinctiveness

pp. 440-449

free access   The Case for “Assimilation” and Diaspora

pp. 450-458

The Blessing of Gerson D. Cohen

pp. 459-464


Sexual Serpents and Perpetual Virginity: Marian Rejectionism in the Babylonian Talmud

pp. 465-493

Fish Eats Lion Eats Man: Saadia Gaon, Syriac Christianity, and the Resurrection of the Dead

pp. 494-520

A Portrait of the Kabbalist as a Young Man: Count Joseph Carl Emmanuel Waldstein and His Retinue

pp. 521-576


Solomon and Ashmedai (bGittin 68a–b), King Hiram, and Procopius: Exegesis and Folklore

pp. 577-585


p. 587

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