restricted access   Issue 87, 2016 (New Series)

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On Justice

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pp. 2-3

The Cells That Bind Us

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My First Job

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the wooden floor

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Left in the Ground

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Solar Plexus (my mother is away again)

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Things He Sends Our Daughter

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Sonnet for the Instructor at Verticality Pole Fitness in Houston, TX

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The Philosophical Nature of Peeps

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In My Wife’s Vegetable Garden

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From an Interview with Kenzaburo Oe, with Stage Directions from Synge’s Riders to the Sea

pp. 21-22

A Lonely Voice

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Bob Hicok Is Everywhere

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God as Spit-Bath

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in this town

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Monday Morning Work

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Daddy Hid Fire

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Mulch Project

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The Females Are Not Coming Back

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A Lesson from Nature

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Wee Woman

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Kaddish for Grandma Irene

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Thérèse on a Bench Seat, 1939

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In the Cadaver Lab

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What Was “Close Reading”?: A Century of Method in Literary Studies

pp. 57-75

Reflections on Catharsis in an Anticathartic Age

pp. 76-109

Special Focus: Labor as Value in the Contemporary

Guest edited by Rob Wilkie

Introduction: After the Law of Value Is “Blown Apart”: Labor as Value in the Contemporary

pp. 110-115

Gaming Labor: Class, Video Games, and the “General Intellect”

pp. 116-138

Bound to Labor: Life and Labor in (Early) Marx and (Early) Derrida

pp. 139-148

Jameson’s Spiritual Reawakening: Labor Theory in the Time of Wal-Mart

pp. 149-159

The Oil Paradox and the Labor Theory of Value

pp. 160-170

New Materialism and the Labor Theory of Value

pp. 171-181

Books Received

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