restricted access   Volume 70, Number 1, January 2016

Table of Contents


History, Biology, and Conservation of Pacific Endemics 2. The North Pacific Armorhead, Pentaceros wheeleri (Hardy, 1983) (Perciformes, Pentacerotidae)

pp. 1-20

Impacts of a Fish Kill at Lake Kutubu, Papua New Guinea

pp. 21-33

Cetacean Strandings in Korean Waters

pp. 35-44

MtDNA Analysis Suggests Local Origin of Pelagic-Stage Juvenile Green Turtles Collected in Japanese Coastal Waters

pp. 45-54

Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of Vegetation Responses to Goat and European Rabbit Eradications on Islands

pp. 55-71

The Caprellid Aciconula acanthosoma (Crustacea: Amphipoda) Associated with Gorgonians from Ecuador, Eastern Pacific

pp. 73-82

Pinna rapanui n. sp. (Bivalvia: Pinnidae): The Largest Bivalve Species from Easter Island, South Pacific Ocean, Chile

pp. 83-90

The Avifauna of Kosrae, Micronesia: History, Status, and Taxonomy

pp. 91-127

Association Affairs

pp. 129-130