restricted access   Volume 69, Number 1, January 2015

Table of Contents

Over a Decade of Change in Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Hawaiian Coral Reef Communities

pp. 1-13

Sexual Reproduction in Precious Corals (Coralliidae) Collected in the Ryukyu Archipelago

pp. 15-46

Nonnative Seashore Paspalum, Paspalum vaginatum (Poaceae), Consumed by Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas): Evidence for Nutritional Benefits1

pp. 48-57

Rapid Change in Song Structure in Introduced Japanese Bush-Warblers (Cettia diphone) in Hawai‘i

pp. 59-66

Pollen Carried By Native and Nonnative Bees in the Large-scale Reforestation of Pastureland in Hawai‘i: Implications for Pollination1

pp. 67-79

Species Assembly Patterns in Polynesian Ants

pp. 81-94

Effects of Age, Length, and Pattern of Burial on Survival of Mikania micrantha Stem Sections

pp. 95-102

Characterization of Hawaiian Cryptocarya (Lauraceae): Recognition of a Critically Endangered Species and Relation to Non-Hawaiian Congeners1

pp. 103-115

Reptiles of Lukunor Atoll, Mortlock Islands, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia

pp. 117-124

Lernaeosolea Wilson, 1944 (Chondracanthidae, Copepoda): Morphological Discoveries and New Ocean and Host Records1

pp. 125-128

Association Affairs: Pacific Science Association

pp. 129-131