restricted access   Volume 68, Number 3, July 2014

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Predominance of Unbalanced Gene Flow from Western to Central North Pacific Colonies of the Black-Footed Albatross (Phoebastria nigripes)

pp. 309-319

Molecular Phylogenetic Affinities of Scarus obishime Randall & Earle, 1993, Endemic to the Pacific Ocean Archipelago of Ogasawara (Japan)

pp. 321-331

Limnological Characterization of Volcanic Crater Lakes on Uvea Island (Wallis and Futuna, South Pacific)

pp. 333-343

Forest Invasion by the African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata) in the Hawaiian Islands: Are Seedlings Shade-Tolerant?1

pp. 345-358

Pentalonia nigronervosa Coquerel and Pentalonia caladii van der Goot (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and Their Relationship to Banana Bunchy Top Virus in Micronesia

pp. 359-364

Effect of Nestbox Provisioning on Breeding Density of Dollarbirds (Eurystomus orientalis)

pp. 365-374

Fishes of Clipperton Atoll, Eastern Pacific: Checklist, Endemism, and Analysis of Completeness of the Inventory1

pp. 375-395

Shallow-Water Holothuroids (Echinodermata) of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia

pp. 397-420

Hydropuntia perplexa, n. comb. (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta), First Record of the Genus in Hawai‘i

pp. 421-434

Presence of a Halophila baillonii Asch. (Hydrocharitaceae) Seagrass Meadow and Associated Macrofauna on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

pp. 435-444

Association Affairs: Pacific Science Association

pp. 445-448