restricted access   Volume 66, Number 2, April 2012

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In Appreciation of Professor Dieter Mueller-Dombois

pp. 117-118

Plant Introductions: Historical Sketches1

pp. 119-125

The Challenge of Retarding Erosion of Island Biodiversity through Phytosanitary Measures: An Update on the Case of Puccinia psidii in Hawai‘i1

pp. 127-139

Introduced Canopy Tree Species Effect on the Soil Microbial Community in a Montane Tropical Forest

pp. 141-150

Beta Diversity of Tree Species along Soil-P Gradients in Tropical Montane Rain Forests of Contrasting Species Pools: Does Biodiversity Matter in Stabilizing Forest Ecosystems?1

pp. 151-160

The Ahupua‘a of Puanui: A Resource for Understanding Hawaiian Rain-Fed Agriculture1

pp. 161-172

Biology and Impacts of Pacific Island Invasive Species. 7. The Domestic Cat (Felis catus)

pp. 173-212

Mikania micrantha Kunth (Asteraceae) (Mile-a-Minute): Its Distribution and Physical and Socioeconomic Impacts in Papua New Guinea1

pp. 213-223

Lizards of Tonga with Description of a New Tongan Treeskink (Squamata: Scincidae: Emoia samoensis Group)

pp. 225-237

A New Member of the Bavayia cyclura Species Group (Reptilia: Squamata: Diplodactylidae) from the Southern Ranges of New Caledonia

pp. 239-247

Association Affairs: Pacific Science Association

pp. 249-253