restricted access   Volume 65, Number 1, January 2011

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Eighty Years of Succession in a Noncommercial Plantation on Hawai‘i Island: Are Native Species Returning?1

pp. 1-15

Role of Fire in the Germination Ecology of Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum), an Invasive African Bunchgrass in Hawai‘i

pp. 17-25

Pattern of Twig Cutting by Introduced Rats in Insular Cloud Forests

pp. 27-39

Excluding Nontarget Species from Brown Tree Snake, Boiga irregularis (Reptilia: Colubridae), Bait Stations: Experimental Tests of Station Design and Placement1

pp. 41-57

Survival of European Mouflon (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) in Hawai‘i Based on Tooth Cementum Lines

pp. 59-67

Prehistoric Birds and Bats from the Atiahara Site, Tubuai, Austral Islands, East Polynesia

pp. 69-85

Pelagic Larval Duration and Settlement Size of Apogonidae, Labridae, Scaridae, and Tripterygiidae Species in a Coral Lagoon of Okinawa Island, Southern Japan

pp. 87-93

Trace Metal Partitioning in a Nearshore Tropical Environment: Geochemistry of Carbonate Reef Flats Adjacent to Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands

pp. 95-107

Proposal of the Name Chaetomorpha vieillardii (Kütz.), n. comb., for a Large-Celled Tropical Chaetomorpha (Chlorophyta)

pp. 109-115

New Records of Butterflies from Yap Outer Islands, Micronesia: Fais Island and Ngulu, Ulithi, and Woleai Atolls

pp. 117-122

Association Affairs: Pacific Science Association

pp. 123-125