Volume 64, Number 4, October 2010

Table of Contents


Biology and Impacts of Pacific Island Invasive Species. 6. Prosopis pallida and Prosopis juliflora (Algarroba, Mesquite, Kiawe) (Fabaceae)

pp. 489-526

Can Ptilinopus greyii (Columbidae) Disperse Seeds in New Caledonia’s Dry Forests?

pp. 527-532

Native Species Regeneration Following Ungulate Exclusion and Nonnative Grass Removal in a Remnant Hawaiian Dry Forest

pp. 533-544

Comparison of Dissolved Organic Carbon Bioavailability from Native and Invasive Vegetation along a Hawaiian River

pp. 545-555

Impacts of Recreational Divers on Palauan Coral Reefs and Options for Management

pp. 557-565

Records of Great White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in New Caledonian Waters

pp. 567-576

Review of Crocodile (Reptilia: Crocodilia) and Dugong (Mammalia: Sirenia) Sightings in the Federated States of Micronesia

pp. 577-583

Marine Benthic Algae of Johnston Atoll: New Species Records, Spatial Distribution, and Taxonomic Affinities with Neighboring Islands

pp. 585-605

Origins and Nature of Vessels in Monocotyledons. 12. Pit Membrane Microstructure Diversity in Tracheary Elements of Astelia

pp. 607-618

Index to Volume 64

pp. 619-621

Subject Index

pp. 623-624

Pacific Science Association

pp. 625-628