restricted access   Volume 63, Number 4, October 2009

Table of Contents

Introduction: Archaeology and Historical Ecology in the Pacific Basin1

pp. 463-464

On the Rat Trail in Near Oceania: Applying the Commensal Model to the Question of the Lapita Colonization1

pp. 465-475

Dynamics of Polynesian Subsistence: Insights from Archaeofauna and Stable Isotope Studies, Aitutaki, Southern Cook Islands

pp. 477-506

Volcanism and Historical Ecology on the Willaumez Peninsula, Papua New Guinea

pp. 507-535

Archaeological Investigation of the Landscape History of an Oceanic Atoll: Majuro, Marshall Islands1

pp. 537-565

Historical Ecology in Kiribati: Linking Past with Present1

pp. 567-600

Revisiting Rapa Nui (Easter Island) ‘‘Ecocide’’

pp. 601-616

A Long-term Perspective on Biodiversity and Marine Resource Exploitation in Fiji’s Lau Group

pp. 617-648

‘‘Good Water and Firewood’’: The Island Oasis of Isla Cedros, Baja California, Mexico1

pp. 649-672

An Introduction to the Biocomplexity of Sanak Island, Western Gulf of Alaska

pp. 673-709

Fishing up the Food Web?: 12,000 Years of Maritime Subsistence and Adaptive Adjustments on California’s Channel Islands1

pp. 711-724

Impact of Human Colonization on the Landscape: A View from the Western Pacific1

pp. 725-745

Epilogue: Changing Archaeological Perspectives upon Historical Ecology in the Pacific Islands1

pp. 747-757

Association Affairs: Pacific Science Association

pp. 759-763

Index to Volume 63

pp. 765-770