restricted access   Volume 68, Number 4, October 2004

Table of Contents


What is Natural Law?: Human Purposes and Natural Ends

pp. 507-529

Scientific Reporting, Imagination, and Neo-Aristotelian Realism

pp. 531-543

Gracia and Aquinas on The Principle of Individuation

pp. 545-575

Guitmund of Aversa and The Eucharistic Theology of St. Thomas

pp. 577-600


The Accomplishment of Jean Capreolus, O.P.

pp. 601-632


Speaking the Incomprehensible God: Thomas Aquinas on the Interplay of Positive and Negative Theology by Gregory P. Rocca, O.P. (review)

pp. 633-636

Thomistes ou de l’actualité de saint Thomas d’Aquin by S.-Th. Bonino (review)

pp. 636-639

Act & Being: Towards a Theology of the Divine Attributes by Colin E. Gunton (review)

pp. 639-642

Will There Be Free Will in Heaven? Freedom, Impeccability, and Beatitude by Simon Francis Gaine (review)

pp. 643-645

Alasdair MacIntyre ed. by Mark C. Murphy (review)

pp. 646-650

Littérature et théologie: Une saison en enfer by Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P. (review)

pp. 651-653

The Very Rich Hours of Jacques Maritain: A Spiritual Life by Ralph McInerny (review)

pp. 653-658

Knowing Persons: A Study in Plato by Lloyd P. Gerson (review)

pp. 658-662

A Catholic Response in Sixteenth-Century France to Reformation Theology: The Works of Pierre Doré by John Langlois (review)

pp. 662-664