restricted access   Volume 49, Number 3, Fall 2016

Table of Contents

AAR Roundtable

Considering Between the World and Me; or, The Sins of Omission and Commission

Everybody’s Protest Narrative: Between the World and Me and the Limits of Genre

pp. 179-183

Ceding the Future

pp. 183-191

How Fresh and New is the Case Coates Makes?

pp. 192-196

The Remarkable Reception of Ta-Nehisi Coates

pp. 196-204


Black Movement Impolitic: Soundies, Regulation, and Black Pleasure

pp. 205-226

“The Deliberate Introduction of Beauty and Pleasure”: Femininity and Black Feminist Pragmatism in Jessie Redmon Fauset’s Plum Bun

pp. 227-240

Black Canadian Contexts: The Case of Amelia E. Johnson

pp. 241-259

Octavia E. Butler’s Response to Black Arts/Black Power Literature and Rhetoric in Kindred

pp. 261-275


the crazy lady

p. 277

Thalamus Brown, and: Hippocampal Lash

p. 278


The Swiss Mother Eve

pp. 279-284

Book Reviews

East Meets Black: Asian and Black Masculinities in the Post-Civil Rights Era by Chong Chon-Smith (review)

pp. 285-286

Black Print Unbound: The Christian Recorder, African American Literature, and Periodical Culture by Eric Gardner (review)

pp. 286-289

Cinema Civil Rights: Regulation, Repression, and Race in the Classical Hollywood Era by Ellen C. Scott (review)

pp. 289-291

The Ethnic Avant-Garde: Minority Cultures and World Revolution by Steven S. Lee (review)

pp. 291-293

The New Abolition: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Black Social Gospel by Gary Dorrien (review)

pp. 293-294


pp. 295-296