restricted access   Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2001

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From: Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

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Pairing Empires: Britain and the United States, 1857-1947


Racial Alliance and Postal Networks in Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet"

White Lies: Race and Sexuality in Occupied Trinidad

Admiration, Enmity, and Cooperation: U.S. Navalism and the British and German Empires before the Great War

Spies Like Us: John Buchan and the Great War Spy Craze

The Inscrutable Irish-Indian Feminist Management of Anglo-American Hegemony, 1917-1947

Playing Colonial: Cowgirls, Cowboys, and Indians in Australia and North America

Book Reviews

The Demon of the Continent: Indians and the Shaping of American Literature (review)

Colonialism (review)

Opium Regimes: China, Britain and Japan, 1839-1952 (review)

Sir Glyn Jones: A Proconsul in Africa (review)

Black Peril, White Virtue: Sexual Crime in Southern Rhodesia, 1902-1935 (review)

Imperialism and Orientalism: A Documentary Sourcebook (review)

An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean (review)

Consuming Anxieties: Consumer Protest, Gender & and British Slavery, 1713-1833 (review)

The Cultural Politics of Sugar: Caribbean Slavery and Narratives of Colonialism (review)

India Britannica: A Vivid Introduction to the History of British India (review)

Under the Raj: Prostitution in Colonial Bengal (review)

Gandhi's Dilemma: Nonviolent Principles and Nationalist Power (review)