restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2016

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

p. 1

Forum: Terrorism


pp. 3-4

Foreign Fighters and the War on Terror: An Interview with Ambassador Thomas Krajeski

pp. 5-9

The “Islamic State”: Between Aspirations and Realities

pp. 10-15

Poverty and Terrorism in Africa: The Debate Continues

pp. 16-22

It’s Complicated: Looking Closely at Women in Violent Extremism

pp. 23-30

Conflict and Security

The Lean Terrorist Cell: How Startup Companies and Violent Non-State Actors Are Changing the Old World Order

pp. 31-38

Politics and Diplomacy

Foreign Policy as a Source of Legitimation for “Competitive Authoritarian Regimes”: The Case of Turkey’s AKP

pp. 39-46

Law and Ethics

Climate Change, Human Rights, and COP 21: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back or Vice Versa?

pp. 47-55

Business and Economics

Life after Populism?: Reforms in the Wake of the Receding Pink Tide

pp. 56-65

Culture and Society

Cosmology, Politics, and Suicide in Siberia

pp. 66-71

Dignity, Pluralism, and Religious Freedom: An Interests-Based Case

pp. 72-79


Turkey’s Role in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

pp. 80-85