restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, April 1992

Table of Contents


Aquinas on the Resurrection of the Body

pp. 165-207

Fatalism and Truth About the Future

pp. 209-227

Duns Scotus and the Experience of Human Freedom

pp. 229-256

Rahner’s Transcendental Deduction of the Vorgriff

pp. 257-290

Christology in Political and Liberation Theology

pp. 291-322


The Love Which Love’s Knowledge Knows Not: Nussbaum’s Evasion of Christianity

pp. 323-337


The Moral Virtues and Theological Ethics by Romanus Cessario, O.P. (review)

pp. 339-344

De vitiis et pecatis: In I–II Summae theologiae Divi Thomae expositio by Jacobus (Santiago) M. Ramírez, O.P. (review)

pp. 344-348

Pagan Virtue: An Essay in Ethics by John Casey (review)

pp. 349-351

Nature and Scientific Method ed. by Daniel O. Dahlstrom (review)

pp. 351-355

The Logical Basis of Metaphysics by Michael Dummett (review)

pp. 356-358

Ethical Practice in Clinical Medicine by William J. Ellos (review)

pp. 358-361

Christian Uniqueness Reconsidered: The Myth of a Pluralistic Theology of Religions ed. by Gavin D’Costa (review)

pp. 361-363