restricted access   Volume 55, Number 3, July 1991

Table of Contents


Toward A Thomistic Perspective on Abortion and the Law in Contemporary America

pp. 343-396

Aquinas on the Role of Emotion in Moral Judgment and Activity

pp. 397-413

Aquinas on the Immateriality of the Intellect

pp. 415-438

Maritain on Rights and Natural Law

pp. 439-448

Some Dogmatic Consequences of Paul F. Knitter’s Unitarian Theocentrism

pp. 449-495


A Return to the Subject: The Theological Significance of Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self

pp. 497-509


Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology by Elizabeth A. Johnson (review)

pp. 511-517

The Philosophical Theology of John Duns Scotus by Allan B. Wolter, O.F.M. (review)

pp. 517-522

Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting: Biblical Anthropology and the Monism-Dualism Debate by John W. Cooper (review)

pp. 522-526

The Crisis of Liberal Democracy: A Straussian Perspective ed. by Kenneth L Deutsch and Walter Soffer (review)

pp. 526-535

Philosophical Problems of Classical Film Theory by Noel Carroll (review)

pp. 535-538