restricted access   Volume 49, Number 4, Summer 2016

Table of Contents


Youth in Peril in Early Modern Venice

pp. 761-783

Testifying for the Poor: Epistolary Advocates and the Negotiation of Parochial Relief in England, 1800–1834

pp. 784-807

Desertion from the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars

pp. 808-828

No Irish Need Deny: Evidence for the Historicity of NINA Restrictions in Advertisements and Signs

pp. 829-852

Discussion: Evidence for the Historicity of NINA Restrictions in Advertisements and Signs

pp. 853-854

Jaytalking in Fin-de-Siècle Paris: Streets, Graffiti, and the Police

pp. 855-880

The Public Health of Village Private Life: Reform and Resistance in Early Twentieth Century Rural China

pp. 881-903

“Spineless Judges and Shyster Lawyers”: Criminal Justice in New Orleans, 1920–1945

pp. 904-927

Inherent Vice?: Maltese Men and the Organization of Prostitution in Interwar Cardiff

pp. 928-958

Welfare or Workfare?: The Principle of Activation in the Finnish Post-War Disability Policy, Early 1940s to Late 1980s

pp. 959-981

Turning Private Concerns into Public Issues: Mental Retardation and the Parents’ Movement in Post-war Greece, c. 1950–80

pp. 982-998


Non-violence and the French Revolution: Political Demonstrations in Paris, 1787–1795 by Micah Alpaugh, and: Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution by Rebecca L. Spang, and: The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth Century Paris by Colin Jones (review)

pp. 999-1003

The Bicycle: Towards a Global History by Paul Smethurst (review)

pp. 1003-1005

The Making of the Modern British Home: The Suburban Semi and Family Life between the Wars by Peter Scott (review)

pp. 1005-1007

Childhood Obesity in America: Biography of an Epidemic by Laura Dawes (review)

pp. 1007-1008

Index Volume 49

pp. 1009-1014