restricted access   Volume 161, Number 3, Summer 2016

Table of Contents


Made to Hear

pp. 299-302


Similarities Between Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Hearing Students’ Awareness of Affective Words’ Valence in Written Language

pp. 303-313

Understanding the Relationship Between Teacher Behavior and Motivation in Students with Acquired Deafblindness

pp. 314-326

Analysis of Interaction and Attention Processes in a Child With Congenital Deafblindness

pp. 327-341

The English-Language and Reading Achievement of a Cohort of Deaf Students Speaking and Signing Standard English: A Preliminary Study

pp. 342-368

Perceptions of Social Networks by Adults Who Are Deafblind

pp. 369-383

Employment and Adults Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Current Status and Experiences of Barriers, Accommodations, and Stress in the Workplace

pp. 384-397

Book Review

Finally! A Formula for Making Positive Changes in Deaf Education

pp. 398-399