restricted access   Volume 27, April, July, October 1963 (Complete)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

pp. ix-x


pp. xi-xvi

Part One: Faith and Morals

A. The Church

The Pastoral Church in the New Testament

pp. 1-10

Towards an Adequate Concept of Church

pp. 11-29

Theology of the Church

pp. 30-58

B. Membership in the Church

The Sin of Schism: A Contribution to the Discussion of Membership in the Church

pp. 59-77

The Members of the Church

pp. 78-87

St. Thomas on the Membership of the Church

pp. 88-140

C. Revelation, Magisterium, and Theology

Scripture and Tradition in Recent Catholic Thought

pp. 141-169

The Ontology of the Gospel

pp. 170-181


pp. 182-195

Magisterium of the Church and Sacred Theology

pp. 196-210

Part Two: The Bishop and the Diocese

Primacy and Episcopacy: A Doctrinal Reflection

pp. 211-221

Primacy and Episcopacy: Doctrinal and Practical Implications

pp. 222-235

The Bishop in His Own Diocese

pp. 236-261

Part Three: The Laity

The Layman in the Church

pp. 262-283

The Theological Foundation of the Lay Apostolate

pp. 284-306

The Laity and Ecumenism

pp. 307-316

Part Four: States of Perfection

The Place of Religious in the Apostolate of the Church

pp. 317-332

Part Five: The Sacraments and the Liturgy

A. The Sacraments

Uncreated Grace—A Critique of Karl Rahner

pp. 333-356

The Sacrifice of the Mass as an Act of the Virtue of Religion: A Study in Moral Theology

pp. 357-384

B. The Liturgy

The Sacramental Character and Liturgy

pp. 385-412

Place of the Liturgy in Christian Spirituality

pp. 413-439

An Observer Looks at the Schema on the Liturgy

pp. 440-450

Part Six: Seminaries and Studies

Thomism and the Council

pp. 451-492

Existential Ethics: A Thomistic Appraisal

pp. 493-515

Faith, Freedom in Thought and Publication

pp. 516-536

Part Seven: Missiology

The Council and the Missions

pp. 537-550

Part Eight: Unity

The Causes of the World Ecumenical Movement

pp. 551-569

Ecumenical Theology and Conversions: Genesis of a Problem: Proselytism vs. Ecumenical Fellowship

pp. 570-598

Unity: Special Problems, Dogmatic and Moral

pp. 599-618

Notes on Our Contributors

pp. 619-621