free access   Volume 47, Number 1, Winter 2016

Table of Contents

We mourn the passing of Ralph Cohen— editor, visionary, scholar, teacher, friend 1917–2016

Climate, Species, Anthropocene

free access   After the Arctic Sublime

pp. 1-26

free access   One Species, Same Difference?: Postcolonial Critique and the Concept of Life

pp. 27-48

free access   Margaret Cavendish’s Anthropocene Worlds

pp. 49-66

free access   Getting Rid of the Appearance-Reality Distinction

pp. 67-81

free access   Reading with Guns: Institutions of Interpretation and District of Columbia v. Heller

pp. 83-107

free access   Philosophical Premises in Literary and Cultural Theory: Narratives of Self-Alienation

pp. 109-134

free access   Remastering the Master: Hitchcock after Feminism

pp. 135-158

free access   Film and the Phenomenology of Art: Reappraising Merleau-Ponty on Cinema as Form, Medium, and Expression

pp. 159-185

free access   Cognitive Literary Studies and the Status of Interpretation: An Attempt at Conceptual Mapping

pp. 187-207

free access   Contributors

pp. 209-210

free access   Books Received

pp. 211-213