Volume 47, Number 1, Winter 2016

Table of Contents

We mourn the passing of Ralph Cohen— editor, visionary, scholar, teacher, friend 1917–2016

Climate, Species, Anthropocene

  After the Arctic Sublime

pp. 1-26

  One Species, Same Difference?: Postcolonial Critique and the Concept of Life

pp. 27-48

  Margaret Cavendish’s Anthropocene Worlds

pp. 49-66

  Getting Rid of the Appearance-Reality Distinction

pp. 67-81

  Reading with Guns: Institutions of Interpretation and District of Columbia v. Heller

pp. 83-107

  Philosophical Premises in Literary and Cultural Theory: Narratives of Self-Alienation

pp. 109-134

  Remastering the Master: Hitchcock after Feminism

pp. 135-158

  Film and the Phenomenology of Art: Reappraising Merleau-Ponty on Cinema as Form, Medium, and Expression

pp. 159-185

  Cognitive Literary Studies and the Status of Interpretation: An Attempt at Conceptual Mapping

pp. 187-207


pp. 209-210

  Books Received

pp. 211-213