restricted access   Volume 92, Number 3, Summer 2016

Table of Contents

Animals: Real and Imagined

Animals: Real and Imagined

Night Moves: Preserving the Sublime at One of the Darkest Places in America

pp. 30-43

The Fight for Chinko

pp. 56-75

Once Bitten: Fighting Dengue Fever in Key West and San Juan

pp. 114-127

Twinkle, Twinkle, Vogel Staar: On Mozart’s Feathered Collaborator

pp. 194-202

Citizen Canine, Comrade Cow: Toward a New Kind of Animal Rights

pp. 206-214

Amateur Hour

The Grubmeister: David George Gordon Puts Bugs on the Menu

pp. 12-17


Same Bones: Great Bear Sea, British Columbia

p. 18

Skuas: Cape Bird, Antarctica

p. 19

Notes to Self

Painting Petrarch’s Triumphs

pp. 20-23


Mysterious American Cat: The Mountain Lions of Los Angeles

pp. 24-29


Rocket Frog: A Lost Species, Rediscovered

pp. 44-53

Fine Distinctions

Venomous vs. Poisonous

pp. 54-55

Hair vs. Fur

pp. 96-97

Of Marsupials and Placentals

pp. 146-147

Of Hounds and Dogs

pp. 204-205

Wild vs. Natural

p. 223

Bower, and: Swallow, and: How to be alone

pp. 111-113

Elegy for the Bully, and: Territory

pp. 148-149

Fox and Crow, and: The Cat and the Two Sparrows

pp. 177-179

Bad Uncle

p. 203


Even on the Greatest Subjects Too Much Can Be Said, and: Only the Beginning of the Sharpness

pp. 76-77


Tokyo Parrots

pp. 78-95

Thirty Times a Minute

pp. 128-145

Unnatural History

pp. 180-193

But I’ve Got Ovid: A Duck, Miami, and the Fantasy Life

pp. 98-110



pp. 150-160


pp. 161-166


pp. 167-176


Ear to the Battleground: New Books on Hearing What Is Lost

pp. 215-218

The Head of the Hunter: Herta Müller and Surveillance in the Digital Age

pp. 219-222

Featured Contributors

pp. 7-10

Big Questions

p. 11

From the VQR Vault: Animals

p. 224

Hilda “H.D.” Doolittle’s Manuscript of “Archer,” 1952

p. 225