restricted access   Volume 43, 2016

Table of Contents

The Politics of the Production and Reception of Sources–Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-5

Critical Source Analysis Of European Travelers’ Sources

Rivalry and Reformation Politics: Reflections on Andrew Battell’s Jaga Materials Printed by Samuel Purchas from 1613 to 1625

pp. 7-28

A Dialogue with King Agaja: William Snelgrave’s 1727 Ardra Diary and the Contours of Dahomian-European Commercial Exchange

pp. 29-62

Alexander Scott: Constructing a Legitimate Geography of the Sahara from a Captivity Narrative, 1821

pp. 63-94

Critical Historiographies

The Agadez Chronicles and Y Tarichi: A Reinterpretation

pp. 95-140

Beyond the World of Commerce: Rethinking Hausa Diaspora History through Marriage, Distance, and Legal Testimony

pp. 141-167

Limitations and Ambiguities of Colonialism in Guinea-Bissau. Examining the Creole and “Civilized” Space in Colonial Society

pp. 169-203

Blind Spots and Politics in Sources from South Africa

The Politics of African Household Budget Studies in South Africa

pp. 205-228

White Workers in the Late Apartheid Period: A Report on the Wiehahn Commission and Mineworkers’ Union Archival Collections

pp. 229-258

Sport and Society in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa

“These Our Games” – Sport and the Church of Scotland Mission to Kenya, c. 1907–1937

pp. 259-288

Crafting Sport History Behind Bars: Wrestling with State Patronage and Colonial Confinement in Kenya

pp. 289-321

Print Media and the History of Women’s Sport in Africa: The Kenyan Case of Barriers to International Achievement

pp. 323-345

“Grown-Ups on White Plastic Chairs:” Soccer and Separatism in Senegal, 1969–2012

pp. 347-374

Archive Reports

Why Researchers Should Publish Archive Inventories Online: The Case of the Archives of French Equatorial Africa

pp. 375-378

A Short Note on Some Historical Accounts from the IFAN Manuscripts Collection

pp. 379-388