restricted access   Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2016

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Editors’ Note

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Narrative Symposium: Political Influence on Bioethical Deliberation

Introduction: Political Influence on Bioethical Deliberation

pp. 1-3

Full Collection of Personal Narratives

Narrative Symposium: Political Influence on Bioethical Deliberation

pp. 3-36

Individual Personal Narratives

Between Policy and Politics: When Bioethics Ventures into Public Debate

pp. 3-6

Political Pitfalls in Policymaking: The Texas HPV Vaccine Policy Saga

pp. 6-10

Failure is Not an Option?

pp. 10-13

Caught in a Non–Kosher Pickle

pp. 13-15

A House Divided: Coerciveness Within One’s Own Tradition

pp. 15-18

Conflicts of Interest in the IRB World

pp. 18-20

You Can’t Legislate Death

pp. 20-23

Procuring Pressure

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An Incautious Tale of Biomedical Ethics, Abortion Politics and Political Expediency

pp. 28-31

Making Sausage

pp. 31-33

I Should Have Known (Better?)

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Political Pressures in the Life of Ethicists: Opportunities for Professional Moral Development

pp. 37-42

Fear and Loathing in Bioethics

pp. 43-46

Power, Professional Naiveté and Environmental Icebergs: Navigating the Bioethics Ecosystem

pp. 47-50

Research Article

Is “Active Surveillance” an Acceptable Alternative?: A Qualitative Study of Couples’ Decision Making about Early-Stage, Localized Prostate Cancer

pp. 51-61

Case Study

A Life Below the Threshold?: Examining Conflict Between Ethical Principles and Parental Values in Neonatal Treatment Decision Making

pp. 63-71