restricted access   Volume 4, Numbers 1-2, Spring/Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Figurations of Postmemory

Guest Editors: Emmanuel Alloa, Pierre Bayard, and Soko Phay


Figurations of Postmemory: An Introduction

pp. 1-12

Small Acts of Repair: The Unclaimed Legacy of the Romanian Holocaust

pp. 13-42

Afterimages: Belated Witnessing in the Photographs of the Armenian Catastrophe

pp. 43-65

Second Generation, Third Generation, and State Political Postmemory: The Holocaust and Its Literary Effects in Contemporary France

pp. 67-77

Polytraumatic Memory in the USSR: Where Does the Holocaust Fit?

pp. 79-85

Missing Images of Genocide and Creation in Cambodia

pp. 87-98

Genocide Drama and Affiliative Postmemory: Staging Peter Weiss’s The Investigation after the Rwandese Genocide

pp. 99-113

Collective Rape and Postmemory in Bosnia

pp. 115-123

Speaking in Starts: Postmemory and the Archive

pp. 125-152

Book Review

Committing the Future to Memory: History, Experience, Trauma by Sarah Clift (review)

pp. 153-160

Notes on Contributors

pp. 161-163