restricted access   Volume 106, Number 2, Spring 2016

Table of Contents


On Muses and Mystics: Some Essays on Some Essays by Solomon Schechter: Editor’s Introduction

pp. 133-137

Saving Knowledge

pp. 138-144

Reclaiming His Past

pp. 145-149

Rabbinics without the Crutch of Canonicity

pp. 150-154

Rocks versus Gravel, or: Schechter on Modern Jewish Excellence

pp. 155-159

The Saint in the Drawing Room

pp. 160-164

Asceticism, Mysticism, and Messianism: A Reappraisal of Schechter’s Portrait of Sixteenth-Century Safed

pp. 165-177

The World of the Talmud


The “Evil Inclination” of the Jews: The Syriac Yatsra in Narsai’s Metrical Homilies for Lent

pp. 179-207

Review Forum

Irano-Talmudica: The New Parallelomania?

pp. 209-232

“This, but Also That”: Historical, Methodological, and Theoretical Reflections on Irano-Talmudica

pp. 233-241

The Bavli, the Roman East, and Mesopotamian Christianity

pp. 242-247

Irano-Talmudica and Beyond: Next Steps in the Contextualization of the Babylonian Talmud

pp. 248-255