free access   Volume 83, Number 1, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

The Fear of Art

free access   Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xix

free access   Editor’s Introduction

pp. xxi-xxii

Part I. the Attack on Charlie Hebdo: “Fear of Art” Enacted

free access   Introduction: On Enacting the Fear of Art

pp. 3-6

free access   The Impact of a Post-Charlie Hebdo World on Cartoonists

pp. 7-19

free access   Art as/and Politics: Why the Attack on Charlie Hebdo Was Not About a “Fear of Art”

pp. 21-31

Part II. Censorship and Banning

free access   Introduction: Reflections on Art Censorship and Banning

pp. 35-38

free access   Fear and Propaganda: National Socialism and the Concept of “Degenerate Art”

pp. 39-66

free access   The Fear of Art: How Censorship Becomes Iconoclasm

pp. 67-99

Part III. Activist Art

free access   Introduction: On “Artivism,” or Art’s Utility in Activism

pp. 103-105

free access   Fearless Art in the Age of Fear: Electronic Disturbance Theater’s Parrhesian Gestures

pp. 107-113

free access   Does it Work?: The Æffect of Activist Art

pp. 115-134

Part IV. the Potency of Art

free access   Introduction: An Aesthetics of Dissonance

pp. 137-139

free access   On Art, Power, and Humility

pp. 141-147

free access   The Potency of Art

pp. 149-152

Part V. Artists in Prison, Artists in Exile

free access   A Conversation

pp. 155-163

free access   Introduction: A Conversation about Ai Weiwei

pp. 165-167

free access   On Interviewing Ai Weiwei

pp. 169-174

free access   On Ai Weiwei

pp. 175-177

free access   Ai Weiwei, Art, and Rights in China

pp. 179-182

Part VI. Artists in Exile

free access   Introduction: People to People

pp. 185-190

free access   Performing Art, Performing Fear

pp. 191-197

free access   Turning Artists into Heroes?

pp. 199-203

Part VII. Who Does the Policing? What Is the Role of Self-Censorship?

free access   Introduction: Self-Policing and Self-Censorship

pp. 207-210

free access   Hurting the Feelings of Others

pp. 211-215

free access   Examine Your Own Limits

pp. 217-221

free access   Notes on Contributors

pp. 223-225