restricted access   Volume 9, 2016

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. 7-8

Writer in Focus: Song Sokze

Translators’ Roundtable with Song Sokze

pp. 11-19

A Real Piece of Work

pp. 21-42

Tale of Cho Tong-gwan

pp. 43-67

Roughing It

pp. 69-102


Briars and Fragrances, and: Goat and Horns, and: A Leaf of a Girl, and: The Skill of Love, and: The Need for Empty Places

pp. 103-107

Snowscape, and: Winter Mountain, and: The Holy Family, and: A Steel Idea, and: Cataclysmic Love, and: One Day I’ll Be Sitting in a Murky Wine House

pp. 109-114

Mountain Mist, and: Chimney Birds No Longer Live in Chimneys, and: Salt, and: Poems on Snow, and: A Tear, and: I Snipped the Magic Flower

pp. 115-120


Excerpt from Road to the Racetrack

pp. 121-139


pp. 157-177

Border Market

pp. 179-199

Special Feature: Kim Kirim's Weather Map


pp. 201-203

Weather Map

pp. 209-235

Korea from the Outside: Andrés Felipe Solano

Translator’s Note: The Importance of Elsewhere

pp. 239-241

Excerpt from Korea: Notes from the Edge

pp. 243-257

Image Index

pp. 6-258

Notes on Contributors

pp. 259-263