restricted access   Volume 49, Numéro/Number 99, Juin/June 2016

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Numéro spécial sur « L’histoire du tourisme au Canada »
Special Issue on “The History of Tourism in Canada”

Rédacteurs invités/Guest Editors: Ben Bradley and J. I. Little

free access   Introduction: L’histoire du tourisme au Canada/Canadian Tourism History

pp. 235-242

Seeing Icebergs and Inuit as Elemental Nature: An American Transcendentalist on and off the Coast of Labrador, 1864

pp. 243-262

Liberty, Equality and Tourism: D. C. Harvey, Prince Edward Island, and the Power of Tourism/History, 1931–1956

pp. 263-287

Rites of Passage: Tourism and the Crossing to Prince Edward Island

pp. 289-306

Canada by Photograph: Instructed Looking and Tourism of the Late Nineteenth-century Canadian Landscape

pp. 307-325

Fluid Meanings: Hydro Tourism and the St. Lawrence and Niagara Megaprojects

pp. 327-346

Entre l’invention et la réalité : paysage et histoire vivante dans les villages-musées de pionniers au Canada

pp. 347-367

Who was Greasy Sal? Outlaw Horses and the Spirit of Calgary in the Automobile Age

pp. 369-387

“A National Playground Both in Summer and Winter”: Civic Groups, Ethnic Organizations, and Tourism Promotion in Revelstoke, BC, 1890–1920

pp. 389-408

The David Thompson Memorial Fort: An Early Outpost of Historically Themed Tourism in Western Canada

pp. 409-429

The Maximum of Mishap: Adventurous Tourists and the State in the Northwest Territories, 1926–1948

pp. 431-452