restricted access   Volume 94, Number 4, June 2016

Table of Contents

Law and Social Policy

Negative Compliance as an Organizational Response to Legal Pressures: The Case of Japanese Equal Employment Opportunity Law

pp. 1409-1437

Ethnic Diversity and Support for Redistributive Social Policies

pp. 1439-1481


Collectors and Collections: Critical Recognition of the World’s Top Art Collectors

pp. 1483-1507

A Lack of Security or of Cultural Capital?: Acculturative Conservatism in the Naming Choices of Early 20th-Century US Jews

pp. 1509-1538

Work and Labor Processes

Opportunity or Necessity?: Disaggregating Self-Employment and Entry at Older Ages

pp. 1539-1566

Flexible Work, Flexible Penalties: The Effect of Gender, Childcare, and Type of Request on the Flexibility Bias

pp. 1567-1591

Political Sociology

The Populist Style in American Politics: Presidential Campaign Discourse, 1952–1996

pp. 1593-1621

Gendering (Non)Religion: Politics, Education, and Gender Gaps in Secularity in the United States

pp. 1623-1645

Social Movements

Rights, Economics, or Family?: Frame Resonance, Political Ideology, and the Immigrant Rights Movement

pp. 1647-1674

The Use of Disruptive Tactics in Protest as a Trade-Off: The Role of Social Movement Claims

pp. 1675-1710


Production Networks and Varieties of Institutional Change: The Inequality Upswing in Post-Socialism Revisited

pp. 1711-1741

NGOs, INGOs, and Environmental Policy Reform, 1970–2010

pp. 1743-1768

Social Networks

Membership Has Its Privileges: Shared International Organizational Affiliation and Foreign Aid Flows, 1978–2010

pp. 1769-1793

The Dynamics of Social Support Inequality: Maintenance Gaps by Socioeconomic Status and Race?

pp. 1795-1822

Community/Urban Sociology

Neighborhood Social Processes and Adolescent Sexual Partnering: A Multilevel Appraisal of Anderson’s Player Hypothesis

pp. 1823-1846

Delayed Disadvantage: Neighborhood Context and Child Development

pp. 1847-1877

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