restricted access   Volume 48, Number 1, April 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Indigenous Dance Today

Guest Editor: Jacqueline Shea Murphy

Editor’s Note: Doing Indigenous Dance TodayTo Michael Tsosie, with love

pp. 1-8

Choreographers’ Statements


pp. 9-12

Dreaming the Fourth Hill

pp. 13-18

Dancing Earth: Seeds Roots Plants and Foods, from Origi Nation to Re-Generation

pp. 18-23

Slow Scrape (2012–2015)

pp. 24-28

My Making of We Wait in the Darkness

pp. 29-32

Ko Mitimiti ahau, I Am (of) the Place, Mitimiti

pp. 33-36


pp. 36-38


Dee(a)r Spine: Dance, Dramaturgy, and the Repatriation of Indigenous Memory

pp. 39-54

Dancing the Pluriverse: Indigenous Performance as Ontological Praxis

pp. 55-73

Dancing Chiax, Dancing Sovereignty: Performing Protocol in Unceded Territories

pp. 74-90

Gesturing Indigenous Futurities Through the Remix

pp. 91-105

Culture Creators and Interconnected Individualism: Rulan Tangen and Anne Pesata’s Basket Weaving Dance

pp. 106-125

Reflections on Producing Indigenous Dance Today

Naadmaagewin . . . The Art of Working Together in Our Communities

pp. 126-151

Ohlone Profiles: A Brief Report on Some Currents of Native American Dance in Northern California

pp. 152-162

Book Reviews

Simone Forti: Thinking with The Body (review)

pp. 163-167

Dancing to Learn: The Brain’s Cognition, Emotion, and Movement by Judith Lynne Hanna (review)

pp. 167-170

Books Received

pp. 171-172