restricted access   Volume 39, Number 2, October 2015

Table of Contents


“Sociable Wisdom”: Montaigne’s Transformation of Philosophy

pp. 285-304

Kitsch and Bullshit

pp. 305-321

What Use Is Literature to Political Philosophy?: Or The Funny Thing about Socrates’s Nose

pp. 322-337

Restrained Excess: Where Sophistication Meets the Grotesque

pp. 338-355

Failed Escape: Action and Avoidance of Responsibility in The English Patient

pp. 356-363

Camus, Nietzsche, and the Absurd: Rebellion and Scorn versus Humor and Laughter

pp. 364-378

Simone de Beauvoir’s Theory of the Novel: The Opacity, Ambiguity, and Impartiality of Life

pp. 379-405

Lyrical Sociability: The Social Contract and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

pp. 406-421

Noble Savages and English Gardeners: Kulturkritik from Rousseau to Goethe

pp. 422-442

Imagining Uncertainty: Charles Olson and Karl Popper

pp. 443-458

Apollinaire and the Broken Wine Glass

pp. 459-467

Between Appropriation and Representation: Aristotle and the Concept of Imitation in Greek Thought

pp. 468-486

In Focus: Jules Brody Reading Yeats and Dylan Thomas

Reading Yeats: “The Fascination of What’s Difficult”

pp. 487-494

A Philological Reading of a Poem by Dylan Thomas

pp. 495-507

Dylan Thomas, “Twenty-four years”: A Philological Reading

pp. 508-526

Notes and Fragments

An Objective Chemistry: What T. S. Eliot Borrowed from Schopenhauer

pp. 527-537

Leopardi’s Transgressive Calendar

pp. 538-542

Creative Directions

In the Presence of the Bird

pp. 543-553

Critical Discussions

Danto’s Comic Vision: Philosophical Method and Literary Style

pp. 554-563

On Alan Goldman’s Philosophy and the Novel

pp. 564-571