restricted access   Volume 17, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2016

Table of Contents


Editors’ Note

p. 1

Forum: Migration


pp. 3-4

The Global Refugee Crisis

pp. 5-11

South Korea’s National Identity Crisis in the Face of Emerging Multiculturalism

pp. 12-19

No Advantage?: Lessons from Australia’s Experiments in Asylum Policy

pp. 20-27

U.S. Support for Migration Enforcement in Mexico: A Humanitarian Perspective

pp. 28-37

Escape from Syria: A Dialogue with Experts

pp. 38-42

Culture and Society

The Politics of Corruption in Indonesia

pp. 43-49

Politics and Diplomacy

The Coming US-Iranian Partnership: A Historic Nuclear Deal and a Glimpse into the Not-So-Distant Future

pp. 50-58

Caught between the Technical and the Political: International Support for the 2014 Elections and the Future of Democratic Politics in Afghanistan

pp. 59-68

Conflict and Security

The Rationales behind the EAC Members’ Response to the Burundi Crisis

pp. 69-78

Law and Ethics

Aspects of the International Legal Regime concerning Privatization and Commercialization of Space Activities

pp. 79-90

Business and Economics

Chinese Direct Investments in Africa: Motivations and Environmental Implications

pp. 91-102

Science and Technology

The Trade-Off between Excellence and Equality: What International Assessments Tell Us

pp. 103-109


The Ideology of Growth

pp. 110-115


Global Nonproliferation after the Iran Deal

pp. 116-119