Volume 68, Number 1, March 2016

Table of Contents

  Editor’s Note

pp. vii-ix


  American Studies, the Middle East, and the Question of Palestine

pp. 1-21

  “The Mirror of All Perfection”: Jesus and the Strongman in America, 1893–1920

pp. 23-47

  A Race Suicide among the Hogs: The Biopolitics of Pork in the United States, 1865–1930

pp. 49-73

  Occupy Wall Street, Racial Neoliberalism, and New York’s Hip-Hop Moguls

pp. 75-99

  Is or Are: The “United States” in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture

pp. 101-124

Digital Projects Review

  Introducing Digital Projects Review

pp. 125-129

  Digital Humanities as Appendix

pp. 131-136

Event Reviews

  Beyond Bars and Broken Wings: A Review of @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

pp. 137-147

Book Reviews

  Indigenous Studies

pp. 149-160

  In the Money: Finance, Freedom, and American Capitalism

pp. 161-175

  Contestation and Counter-conduct in the Imperial Pacific

pp. 177-191

  What’s Eating Asian American Studies?: Authenticity, Ethnicity, and Cuisine

pp. 193-203

  History at Work, History as Work: Public History’s New Frontier

pp. 205-218


pp. 219-222