restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Readers Respond


Obama Says to Fight ISIS with Ideas

Adapting to the Climate Crisis

The Empathy Tribe: What a Spiritual Progressive Approach to Israel/Palestine Might Look Like

Special Section: Food Politics

Food Politics

Two Stories about American Food

Food Justice as God’s Justice

Judaism and Veganism: Time for a Reunion

Mustard Seeds and Mountains

The True Cost of a Cheap Meal

The Scent of the Field

Food Justice: Are We Solving a Problem or Reimagining a System?


Misogyny and Misery on the Menu

Food as Medicine: Vermont Youth Grow Food for the Hungry

Politics and Society

Physicians and Torture: Medical Teshuvah for a Profession in Need of Healing

Lessons from Palestine: On Walls, Cultural Resistance, and the Artistry of Lily Yeh

Grieving Ourselves Whole

Rethinking Religion

The Dharma Within Climate Crisis: Living a New Story

The Innocence of God: The Third Commandment

Cities of Refuge

The Tikkun Passover Seder Supplement for 2016/5776



Fragments Against Our Ruins

The Fate of the Left



Palestinian Anger Explodes

Tikkun Recommends