free access   Volume 17, Number 1, Spring 2016

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From: Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

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Special Issue: Empire, Humanitarianism and Violence in the Colonies

free access   Empire, Humanitarianism and Violence in the Colonies

free access   “The Awful Depravity of Human Nature”: Violence and humanitarian narratives in New South Wales and Tahiti, 1796–99

free access   Moving Texts and “Humane Sentiment”: Materiality, mobility and the emotions of imperial humanitarianism

free access   Violence, Moral Imperialism and Colonial Borderlands, 1770s–1820s: Some contradictions of humanitarianism

free access   “The Whip Is a Very Contagious Kind of Thing”: Flogging and humanitarian reform in penal Australia

free access   “We Are Sure of Your Sympathy”: Indigenous uses of the politics of protection in nineteenth-century Australia and Canada

free access   Gandhi and the Humanitarians of Empire: Influence, resistance and the invention of nonviolent politics

Review Essays

free access   German Colonialism and the Age of Global Empires

free access   Documenting Life “Beyond the Line”

Book Reviews

free access   Power and Corruption in the Early Modern Portuguese World by Eric Lars Myrup (review)

free access   The Irish Rebellion of 1641 and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms by Eamon Darcy (review)

free access   The Emergence of British Power in India, 1600–1784: A grand strategic interpretation by G.J. Bryant (review)

free access   Formations of United States Colonialism ed. by Alyosha Goldstein (review)

free access   Dreams and the Invisible World in Colonial New England: Indians, colonists, and the seventeenth century by Ann Marie Plane, and: Beyond Land and Sea: The Atlantic coast and the transformation of New England by Christopher L. Pastore (review)

free access   Africans into Creoles: Slavery, ethnicity and identity in colonial Costa Rica by Russell Lohse, and: Rivers of Gold, Lives of Bondage: Governing through slavery in colonial Quito by Sherwin K. Bryant (review)

free access   The Long 1890s in Egypt: Colonial quiescence, subterranean resistance ed. by Marilyn Booth and Anthony Gorman (review)

free access   The Founders: The origins of the ANC and the struggle for democracy in South Africa by Andre Odendaal (review)

free access   From a Nation Torn: Decolonizing art and representation in France, 1945–1962 by Hannah Feldman, and: The Civilizing Mission in the Metropole: Algerian families and the French welfare state during decolonization by Amelia Lyons (review)

free access   Radicals: Resistance and protest in colonial Malaya by Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (review)