restricted access   Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2016

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free access   The Omnipotent Word of Medical Diagnosis and the Silence of Depression: An Argument for Kristeva’s Therapeutic Approach

pp. 1-26

What Does Queer Family Equality Have to Do with Reproductive Ethics?

pp. 27-67

Cyborg Bonding: 3D Fetal Ultrasound as a Technology of Communication and the Rise of “Boutique” Ultrasound

pp. 68-80

Building New Bioethical Practices through Feminist Pedagogies

pp. 81-103

A Paradox of Hope?: Toward a Feminist Approach to Palliation

pp. 104-120

The Placental Microbiome: A New Site for Policing Women’s Bodies

pp. 121-148

There Is No Place Like Home: Why Women Are Choosing Home Birth in the Era of “Homelike” Hospitals

pp. 149-165

“If We’re Happy to Eat It, Why Wouldn’t We Be Happy to Give It to Our Children?”: Articulating the Complexities Underlying Women’s Ethical Views on Genetically Modified Food

pp. 166-191

“Surrogacy Has Been One of the Most Rewarding Experiences in My Life”: A Content Analysis of Blogs by U.S. Commercial Gestational Surrogates

pp. 192-217


Borderline Personality Disorder, Discrimination, and Survivors of Chronic Childhood Trauma

pp. 218-245

Review Essay

Climate Justice: A Literary Review

pp. 246-262


Según pasan los años: La vejez como un momento de la vida by Susana E. Sommer (review)

pp. 263-266


p. 267