restricted access   Volume 24, Number 1, February 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Intimate Industries: Restructuring (Im)Material Labor in Asia

Guest Editors’ Introduction Intimate Industries: Restructuring (Im)Material Labor in Asia

pp. 1-15

Intimate Encounters: Affective Labor in Call Centers

pp. 17-43

Reproductive Labor at the Intersection of Three Intimate Industries: Domestic Work, Sex Tourism, and Adoption

pp. 45-69

Beyond the Brokers: Local Marriage Migration Industries of Rural Vietnam

pp. 71-96

The Materiality of Intimacy in Wildlife Rehabilitation: Rethinking Ethical Capitalism through Embodied Encounters with Animals in Southeast Asia

pp. 97-127

Producing Global Adoptability of Special Needs Children in China

pp. 129-154

China’s Beauty Proletariat: The Body Politics of Hegemony in a Walmart Cosmetics Department

pp. 155-177

Selling Fantasies of Rescue: Intimate Labor, Filipina Migrant Hostesses, and US GIs in a Shifting Global Order

pp. 179-203

“From Dance Bars to the Streets”: Moral Dispossession and Eviction in Mumbai

pp. 205-230

Screening Shirtless AZN Men: The Full Frontal Power of Intimate Internet Industries

pp. 231-252

Deferential Surrogates and Professional Others: Recruitment and Training of Migrant Care Workers in Taiwan and Japan

pp. 253-279

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The Affective Economies of Consuming Surrogacy in India

pp. 281-302

Race, Nation, and the Production of Intimacy: Transnational Ova Donation in India

pp. 303-332


pp. 333-335