restricted access   Volume 27, Special Issue 2015

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Special Journal in Honor of Kyoko Selden

Alisa Freedman (Japanese Literature and Film), University of Oregon
with Mark Selden (The Geopolitics and Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific), Cornell University

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pp. i-vii

In Remembrance of Kyoko Selden

pp. xii-2

Remembering Kyoko Selden

pp. 3-5

free access   Introduction to the Special Issue in Honor of Kyoko Selden

pp. 6-10

Classical Literature

Introduction to the Taiheiki: The Chronicle of Great Peace

pp. 11-16

Selections from the Taiheiki: The Chronicle of Great Peace

pp. 17-25

Introduction to the Hinin Taiheiki: The Paupers’ Chronicle of Peace

pp. 26-31

Hinin Taiheiki: The Paupers’ Chronicle of Peace

pp. 32-54

Renga by Sasaki Doyō: Selected from the Tsukubashū (Tsukuba Anthology)

pp. 55-62

Madame Butterfly

The Takarazuka Concise Madame Butterfly

pp. 63-80

Recollections of War

A Childhood Memoir of Wartime Japan

pp. 81-103

Atomic Bomb Literature

Masks of Whatchamacallit: A Nagasaki Tale

pp. 104-126

Ainu Literature

The Song the Owl God Himself Sang “Silver Droplets Fall Fall All Around,” An Ainu Tale

pp. 127-137

Okinawan Stories

The Goddess of the Wind and Okikurmi

pp. 138-146

Our Gang Age, 1970

pp. 147-159

Excerpt from Swaying, Swinging

pp. 160-167

Art and Beauty

Artistic Legacy of the Fifteenth Century: Selections from Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture, 1185-1868

pp. 168-174

Selections from “Ukiyo-e Landscapes and Edo Scenic Places”

pp. 175-183

Selections from The Search for the Beautiful Woman: A Cultural History of Japanese and Chinese Beauty

pp. 184-190


Selected Haiku

pp. 191-196

Three Poems

pp. 197-209


Selections from Nurtured by Love

pp. 210-219

Women and Modernism

Wandering in the Realm of the Seventh Sense

pp. 220-274


Three Heian Poems

pp. 275-278


Selected Works by Kyoko Selden

pp. 279-284

On the Contributors

pp. 285-286