restricted access   Number 21, January 2016

Table of Contents


Non-claimant Perspectives on the South China Sea Disputes

Raising the Stakes: The Interests of Non-claimant States in the South China Sea Disputes

pp. 2-5

Rules, Balance, and Lifelines: An Australian Perspective on the South China Sea

pp. 6-13

India’s Strategic Stakes in the South China Sea

pp. 14-20

Out of Its Comfort Zone: Indonesia and the South China Sea

pp. 21-28

Japan’s Perceptions of and Interests in the South China Sea

pp. 29-35

South Korea and the South China Sea: A Domestic and International Balancing Act

pp. 36-40

Singapore and the South China Sea: Being an Effective Coordinator and Honest Broker

pp. 41-46

ASEAN’s Stakes: The South China Sea’s Challenge to Autonomy and Agency

pp. 47-53

Europe and Maritime Security in the South China Sea: Beyond Principled Statements?

pp. 54-58

Walking the Talk in the South China Sea

pp. 59-65

Essays and Articles

Taiwan and Regional Trade Organizations: An Urgent Need for Fresh Ideas

pp. 67-81

Challenges Ahead in China’s Reform of State-Owned Enterprises

pp. 83-99

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: South Korea’s Strategic Dilemmas with China and the United States

pp. 101-121

Is South Korea in China’s Orbit?: Assessing Seoul’s Perceptions and Policies

pp. 123-145

Book Review Roundtable

Andrew Small’s
The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics

Keeping Pakistan as a Balancer While Courting Indian Friendship

pp. 148-151

The Strange Tale of Sino-Pakistani Friendship

pp. 151-155

Sino-Pakistani Relations: Axis or Entente Cordiale?

pp. 155-159

Where Is the China-Pakistan Relationship Heading—Strategic Partnership or Conditional Engagement?

pp. 160-163

Friends in Need…

pp. 164-167

Author’s Response: Beyond India-Centricity—China and Pakistan Look West

pp. 167-173