restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, February 2016 Supplement

Table of Contents

International Indigenous Oral Health

Guest Editor: Lisa M. Jamieson, PhD
University of Adelaide

Editorial Special Issue Journal of Health Care for Poor and Underserved, Indigenous Oral Health

pp. vi-vii


American Indian and Alaska Native Access to Oral Health Care: A Potential Solution

pp. 1-10

Historical Consequences of Colonialism, Disempowerment, and Reactionary Government Decisions in Relation to Imprisonment Rates in Australia’s Northern Territory: A Potential Solution

pp. 11-29

Historical Factors, Discrimination and Oral Health among Aboriginal Australians

pp. 30-45

Reports from the Field

Developing a Sustainable Model of Oral Health Care for Disadvantaged Aboriginal People Living in Rural and Remote Communities in NSW, Using Collective Impact Methodology

pp. 46-53

Quality Improvement: Indigenous Influence in Oral Health Policy, Process, and Practice

pp. 54-60

Nganampa Health Council Dental Program: Remote Dentistry in the Australian Desert—Partnership or Perish

pp. 61-66

Original Papers

Factors Associated with Routine Dental Attendance among Aboriginal Australians

pp. 67-80

Income as a Protective Factor for Dental Caries among Indigenous People from Central Brazil

pp. 81-89

Service Use and Perceived Need among an Aboriginal Population in Western Australia

pp. 90-100

Tikanga Māori (Māori Customary Practices) in Oral Health Research

pp. 101-109

Changes in Area-level Socioeconomic Status and Oral Health of Indigenous Australian Children

pp. 110-124

Fidelity of Motivational Interviewing in an Early Childhood Caries Intervention Involving Indigenous Australian Mothers

pp. 125-138

Oral Health Status of the Veddas—Sri Lankan Indigenous People

pp. 139-147

Factors Relating to Access to Dental Care for Indigenous South Australians

pp. 148-160

Inequalities in Tooth Decay in Australian Children by Neighbourhood Characteristics and Indigenous Status

pp. 161-177

Racism and Oral Health Outcomes among Pregnant Canadian Aboriginal Women

pp. 178-206

Oral Health Impact among Rural-dwelling Indigenous Adults in South Australia

pp. 207-219