restricted access   Volume 57, Number 1, January 2016

Table of Contents

From the Editor

p. 1


Faculty as Contributors to Learning for Native American Students

pp. 3-17

Supportive College Environment for Meaning Searching and Meaning in Life Among American College Students

pp. 18-31

Drinking and Dating: Examining the Link Among Relationship Satisfaction, Hazardous Drinking, and Readiness-to-Change in College Dating Relationships

pp. 32-46

The Role of Language in Interactions With Others on Campus for Rural Appalachian College Students

pp. 47-64

Study Drugs and Academic Integrity: The Role of Beliefs About an Academic Honor Code in the Prediction of Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use for Academic Enhancement

pp. 65-78

International Research

Tricia Seifert, Associate Editor

The Effects of Using Collaborative Assessment With Students Going Abroad: Intercultural Competence Development, Self-Understanding, Self-Confidence, and Stages of Change

pp. 79-94

On the Campus

Jan Arminio and Robert D. Reason, Associate Editors

Building Bridges: College to Career for Underrepresented College Students

pp. 95-98

Research in Brief

Jan Arminio and Robert D. Reason, associate editors

Investigating Differences in Personality Traits and Academic Needs Among Prepared and Underprepared First-Year College Students

pp. 99-103

The Differential Effects of Internship Participation on End-of-Fourth-Year GPA by Demographic and Institutional Characteristics

pp. 104-109

Book Reviews

Maureen E. Wilson, Associate Editor

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students by Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen, and Paige Haber-Curran (review)

pp. 110-112

Today’s College Students: A Reader ed. by Pietro A. Sasso and Joseph L. DeVitis (review)

pp. 112-114

Making Meaning: Embracing Spirituality, Faith, Religion, and Life Purpose in Student Affairs ed. by Jenny L. Small (review)

pp. 115-117