restricted access   Volume 31, Number 1, Winter 2016

Table of Contents


Beyond the 2016 Ballot Box: Why We Need a National Organization on the Left—And How to Build It

Israeli Arrogance: (After the Burning to Death of a Palestinian infant and his father)

Less Evil?

Less evil?

“Less Bad” Isn’t Good Enough

Capitalism, Greece, and the End of Lesser-Evil Choosing

Time for a New Strategy

A Rare Opportunity for Progressives

Start a Progressive Alliance

Changing the Matrix: Moving the Left Toward Communalism

Don’t Whine, Organize!

Intimate Violence, Societal Violence

Intimate Violence Societal Violence

Protecting the Majority of Humanity: Stopping the International Pandemic of Intimate Violence

The Gender of Police Violence

Skin and Kin

Politics and Society

Justice for Just Us?: Spiritual Progressives and Carnism

Our Psychological Crisis: Making Sense of the American Psychological Association’s Collusion with Torture

Can Religious Culture Protect Society’s Sacrificial Victims?

First Comes Love: Building the Religious Counterculture

A Sharing Economy: Our Hope for a New Global Strategy

Our Morbid Gaze: On Terrorism as Entertainment

Rethinking Religion

In the Spirit of Abolitionism: Recovering the Black Social Gospel

Defending the Sikh Tradition: A Sikh American Feminist Perspective on Interfaith and Interracial Marriage


Buddhist Wisdom for Healing the Earth

Lost in Translation: Faith, Misunderstanding, and Certainty

Mother’s Milk and Rat Poison

Where silence waits

The Lords of Labor

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